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               Insulated terminals
               Wire terminal
               Screw press line cap
               Naked terminal
               Insulated connectors
               Fully insulated joints
               Quick connectors
               Insulating sleeving
               Non-insulated butt connectors
               Non-insulated pin terminals

        Zhejiang Jinhong Electric Fitting Co.,Ltd. is one of the fastest growing electrical items manufacturer and exporter in China. Which is a large-size enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade of hardware fittings. We professionally produce over 200 series including more than 2000 kinds of copper, aluminum, copper-aluminum terminals, cold-pressed terminal blocks, insulator terminals, SV, RV, Nylon cable ties, etc. We can also manufacture as per given specifications and provide OEM services in order to meet customers’special requirement.All the products have passed the CE, SGS, RoHS, ISO9001:2008 certificate.

        Our company is located in the famous “Captial of Electric”in China, LIUSHI, it is about 15 km away from Wenzhou Airport.

        And the products have been exported to more than 40 countries and they are sold well in those countries and regions. We have been supplying these items to various government organizations, railway board, electricity boards, and Class A electrical

                    Tel:  086-577-62755788
                   Cold ends
                   Cold terminal
                   Wiring ends
                   Wiring terminals
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